The VPB IL-2 Flight Sim Mod

What is this VPB Mod? What does it do, and why?

This mini-site is a place for the VPB mod developers to describe their work on the project, to comment on the sim, and to explain the changes made to various parts of it. It is not interactive; just basic data from our crew. The VPB HQ is still the main VPB site, and comments and posts about this work should be directed there.

Pages regarding our work will be divided by topic. These will likely expand and diversify, so please check back periodically for updates.

1) VPB Release Versions, what were they?

2) Historical Inaccuracy and Research Problems

3) The Flight Model (FM)

4) The Game AI

5) Damage Models and Weapons

6) KEDDS and TAMS (skins)

The Phase 9 Flight Sim Video is here. This is the 720p version. Enjoy!

Fighter Aircraft Performance of WW2 has been released. Visit the site and learn about the core of our Il2 simulation work.

The VPB Mod is not available for general download. There are a number of reasons for this 'policy', if one wants to call it that. As we all know, distributing modified code-- especially in an unregulated come-and-get-it mode-- is quite a sensitive matter. So, no... you cannot do that here. However, if you are interested in our work and might wish to obtain and examine our VPB Mod, please contact Kjetil on his FaceBook page: Kjetil's Page, or send an e-mail to the F.A.P. Performance Webmaster

Thanks for your understanding on this matter.