The Yakovlev Yak-7 In Profile & Scale

Volume № 7 of the Profile & Scale series details the Yakovlev Yak-7 fighter to an entirely new standard of authenticity. More than 65 Yak-7 examples are faithfully documented in full-colour profile, many appearing for the first time. Forty-four pages of original and not previously published 1:48 scale line drawings reveal the development and complexity of the Yak-7 family as never before. These line drawings are the culmination of nearly 30 years' dedicated work on the Yak family, and should present the most complete, accurate and illuminating scale work regarding the aircraft at the present time.

The book presents many development and variant detail facts about the Yak-7 which have hitherto been unclear. The scale drawings and profiles are complimented by more than 35 photographs, some never before published. It is fervently hoped that at long last many hitherto confused or inaccurate details of the Yak-7 family will be clarified and rectified. A discussion of the peculiarities of the Moscow built examples is included.

Many of the colour profiles represent examples which will be familiar to students of the Yak-7, albeit completed to the utmost standard of accuracy. Several profiles will doubtless be new even to experienced readers, and it is hoped these will delight both the casual reader and the serious student, equally.

A brief awards and claim graphic is provided for a number of aces. These pilot cards will round out a volume which should be a treasure trove of information regarding the Yak-7 fighter for both modellers and students of history.

"The Yakovlev Yak-7 In Profile & Scale"
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Example Pages

" This new Profile & Scale series is designed for the modeller and hobbyist as a graphical resource for the subject aircraft. The books are divided into two main sections, with the first containing many rendered colour profiles, each illustrating a specific historical example in exacting detail. The accompanying explanatory text and photographs help to clarify any points of interest and discussion.

This colour artwork is complimented in the following section by dozens of superb scale line drawings which demonstrate the exact shape and dimensions of the machine to a degree never seen previously. These scale drawings cover all of the main variants and developments of the type, including detail views of important modifications and features.

The Profile & Scale series books are a treasure-trove for hobbyist and historian, alike. Those wishing to complete their own modelling project or artwork with the utmost accuracy and historical fidelity will find no better resource with which to do so. "