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Since 2009 it has been my privilege to work with, and be a part of, Warbird Colour (formerly "WCS"). Owner and master Warbirds specialist Steven Atkin (no "s", thank you very much):

"Warbird Colour (WCS) was set up in 2002 by Steve Atkin with the aim of providing a project management and support service for historic military aircraft owners wishing to re-finish their aircraft to the highest standards of authenticity. Initially concentrating on WWII era British aircraft, the company has expanded to cover American types such as the P-51 Mustang, P-40 Kittyhawk and most recently, Russian and Luftwaffe aircraft. Although UK based, we carry out projects throughout the world including the USA, Canada and Germany."

What We Do

Warbird Colour is a full service Project Management and implementation company designed to assist Warbird owners to realise an historically authentic finish on their respective period aeroplane. In fact, absolutely authentic.

In that capacity, the services offered by Warbird Colour include (but by no means are limited to):
  • Researching the history and details of the aircraft from original and archival sources
  • Locating period images of the subject aircraft
  • Analysis of the documentary evidence 
  • Generating multiple re-finishing possibilities and suggestions for the subject aircraft using full-colour artwork, photographic analysis and subsidiary research
  • Creation of a comprehensive finishing plan once the selection is completed, complete with diagrams of the application, materials lists and specification, methodology and other details
  • Order, specification and supply of all aerospace paints and lacquers to be used for the project, which have been specially formulated to Warbird Colour's exact colour instructions by one of several industry leading aerospace finish manufacturers
  • Capability to arrange for our own aerospace painting and finishing professionals to complete the job, or alternately to create precise plans and schematics suitable for local finishing personnel, or to work successfully within any desired admixture between these two solutions
  • Full on-site project supervision and management
Our Complimentary Services

In addition to our Project Management operations, Warbird Colour offers a range of complimentary products and services to designed to help Warbird owners make theirs the most authentic and historically accurate project possible. These include:
  • Full sets of historically authentic aircraft maintenance stencils, both exterior markings and interior
  • Custom True Type Font (.TTF) creation for use in stencils, markings and period reproduction documentation
  • Custom full-colour aviation artwork (profiles, diagrams, and more)
  • Full-size templates (in various formats) for the application of national markings, serial numbers, walk-ways, warning labels and other aircraft related devices
  • Execution / painting of nose art and other special decorations
  • Supply of official service maintenance and engineering documents for most period aeroplanes

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