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I have been very interested in self-publication for authors for many years. This interest led to a participation in the on-line self-publication co-operative "AASCO" (The Association of Aviation Self-Publishers Co-Operative) as Editor-In-Chief. Sadly, after years of quite impressive success, AASCO was forced to close and terminate all publication activities in 2009.

However, my own commitment to the cause of self-publication remains undiminished. In the time since AASCO started (2004), many options have become available to authors who seek to publish their own work outside of the confines of the more 'usual' publisher contract. I, myself, make use of LuLu.com for my latest series of books, but this company is merely one of many dozens of possible solutions to self-publishing and distribution.

Moreover, AASCO existed as a central resource for those authors who wish to self-publish to locate expert help and guidance. This is a role in which I continue to work today. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested in publishing their own work, regardless of the subject matter. If you might be in need of editorial help, formatting, artwork, illustration, proofing or any other related service, please do contact me via the e-mail link above and let us discuss your project.

Addendum and Correction

A mistake has been found on the line drawings, upper side view, on pages 87, 91 and 96. My sincerest apologies for the oversight. Please browse to the Yak-1 P&S page to download corrected drawings (PDF).

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