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For the past 30+ years I have been researching the history and development of the Soviet Air Force (Voyenno-Vozdushne Sili, or VVS), particularly in the years 1930-1950. That work continues still.

The resulting research and findings have appeared in many formats, and were presented for 15 years on the WWW through the Modelling the Soviet VVS website [now closed]. In 2003 I published "Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours" through Ian Allen Pubs. Recently I have embarked upon a new series titled "In Profile & Scale", which can be examined further on the Publications page.

This page will present various articles and other material related to the on-going study of the VVS of the 1930-50 period. Readers make also submit enquiries here, and order scale line drawings of various Soviet aircraft. Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

The Glavkhimizdat 1948 Chip Book Debacle Ended

Early I-16 Colouration-- Obsolete Lacquers?

  Misunderstanding NKAP Camouflage-- An Explanation

Il-2 Wing Identification-- Straight or Arrow?

Training Aircraft, Part 3: Civilian U-2s

  Colour Photo Analysis

VVS Trainers: UT-2

Spitfire UTI Schemes

  Colouration of the Factory No.1 I-15bis Scheme

Missing? Some classic Articles Now Restored-- Visit the Archive

  VVs Trainers Part 1:  UT-1

An Analysis of Surface Materials and Construction: I-16

The 'Cat' Motif Lavochkin Fighters of HSU Gal'chenko

      The Aircraft That Never Were

  I-207/4 Landing Gear

  USAAF photography of VVS aircraft during Operation Frantic

  A fresh examination of HSU Pokrovskiy's famous Yak-1.

   Updated artwork for the article on James Storrar's RAF Yak

   A new instalment in the Aces' Aircraft series-- the superlative Boris F Safonov.

A major new article presenting updated research and findings on the finish and colouration of the Yak-11 and LET C-11.

What do we really know about the appearance of G.A. Rechkalov's Airacobras?

What is an "NKAP Template", and why are these mentioned so often? Read on for an explanation of this term and examples of the finish.

New to the study of Soviet Air Force colouration and markings? Here is a basic primer on the topic with illustrations and examples.

What did VVS colours of the Great Patriotic War look like? Click Here